Stephen Lund On Improving Atlantic Canada’s Economic Development Performance

The economy in Atlantic Canada has underperformed the rest of the country despite all the federal, provincial and municipal economic development efforts.

Key economic metrics like GDP growth and job creation have lagged behind the rest of the country in the region with the exception of PEI. At least a billion dollars per year is spent on economic development activities in the region. It is fair to ask whether or not we are receiving a fair return on that investment or if that spending is fostering economic growth at all. At a minimum, it is time for a higher level of accountability.

In the first in a three-part series of conversations about improving economic development performance in Atlantic Canada, hosts Don Mills and David Campbell chat with Stephen Lund, the CEO of Toronto Global, the organization responsible for attracting international investment to the region. Stephen is the only person to have been CEO of both Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB) and Nova Scotia Business Inc., the two organizations responsible for leading development in those two provinces.

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