Steve Matier On The Commercial And Tourism Potential For Canada’s First Spaceport

This episode of the “Insights” podcast features a fascinating conversation with Steve Matier, the CEO of Maritime Launch Services, the company behind the Spaceport to be built near Canso, Nova Scotia.

With most regulatory approvals now in place, the company is nearing its construction phase which will see an investment of $150 million to build Canada’s first commercial spaceport. Find out about the company’s plans, its decision to locate in Canso and the economic benefits to the community.

Matier, who is from New Mexico, says there will be many spinoff opportunities, including tourism because people will travel to the province for launch events.

“I’m from the Albuquerque area and every episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ generated well over a million dollars in tourism opportunities, just from each episode being filmed there over multiple years,” he says. “If you look at it from a launch perspective…which will be a tourism draw, not just an economic impact of the event itself, it is going to be quite significant.”

The “Insights” podcast combines the experiences of an economist, David Campbell, and a social scientist, Don Mills, to explore the challenges and opportunities facing Atlantic Canada, promote data-driven decision-making among policymakers, and encourage a wider dialogue and debate leading to greater prosperity for the region.

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