Carl Sparkes, CEO of Devonian Coastal Wineries, discusses the growing wine industry in Nova Scotia

Wine Industry Growing in Size and Reputable in Nova Scotia


This week’s Insights Podcast features an in depth look at the growing wine industry in Nova Scotia which has become important both economically and from a tourism attraction perspective. We talk with Carl Sparkes, the CEO of Devonian Coastal Wineries, the owners of Jost Vineyards, Gaspereau Vineyards and Mercator Vineyards. Carl’s background in food manufacturing provided a sound foundation for his transition into the wine industry. His company represents 50 percent of the wine industry in Nova Scotia and his wines have won many national and international awards, a testament to the growing reputation of the quality of wines being produced in Nova Scotia, especially the Tidal Bay varieties. Carl explains the challenges and opportunities related to growing the industry, especially with regard to the current regulatory environment and makes a strong case for the need to be able to sell wine and beer in grocery stores to help the industry grow in Nova Scotia. This podcast provides a great overview for anyone interested in learning more about this most interesting industry.

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