Jim Irving discusses the importance of the forestry sector for the future of New Brunswick

Jim Irving, co-CEO of JD Irving, Limited, joins Don and David on the Insights podcast this week to talk about the forest products sector, the new forestry plan for New Brunswick and the realities of competing in a highly contested global market for wood products and pulp, paper and paper products.  In New Brunswick, JDI is the largest company in the sector but globally the company is small and competes with giant multinational firms.  While agreeing with setting aside a significant share of the forest for conservation, Irving makes a compelling case for an actively managed forest and shares a lot of data on a wide variety of issues from thriving animal populations to reducing the risk of forest fires.   Irving gets personal in this conversation and talks about the vision of his grandfather and father and his vision for the future.  The fact New Brunswickers spend more of their household income on ATVs and skidoos than all other provinces says a lot about our relationship with the province’s forests.  This conversation will help you understand the economic importance of the sector and how the forests will continue to be a key part of our economic, social and cultural DNA for generations to come.

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