Michelin is an Economic Powerhouse in Nova Scotia

While everyone has likely heard of Michelin, very few understand how important the company is to the economy in Nova Scotia.

Recently, the tire maker celebrated its 50th anniversary in the province. Michelin is the second largest tire manufacturer in the world, behind Japan-based Bridgestone, with 132,000 employees worldwide.

This week, Don and David have a rare and somewhat exclusive interview with Andrew Mutch, Michelin’s president for North America (Canada).

Michelin is the largest private company in Nova Scotia, with three manufacturing plants and 3,600 employees. There are also 6,000 active retirees in the province, further contributing to the economy. The company is the largest single exporter in the province with $1.2 billion in tires being exported last year.

It is also a highly innovative company. Andrew talks about Michelin’s development of hydrogen energy cells as an example of this innovation. He also speaks more about the company’s recent announcement to invest a further $300 million in the province. This podcast lifts the lid a bit off the somewhat reclusive company.

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