Phil Fraser, CEO of Killam Properties, tells the story of Atlantic Canada's largest landlord.

Killam Properties is A Real Estate Powerhouse


Since its founding in 2000, Killam Properties, headquartered in Halifax, has become one of Canada’s largest landlords and Atlantic Canada’s largest landlord. The company has $5 billion in assets, 25,000 housing units and annual revenues of over $300 million. This episode of the Insights Podcast features a conversation with Phil Fraser, the founding CEO of Killam, who has both a Master in Urban Planning and an MBA in his background. Phil takes us through the history of the company, the decision to become a REIT in 2016, the current challenges related to inflation and rising interest rates, the issue of housing affordability and what is next for Killam. This is a fascinating Atlantic Canadian success story that serves as a model for others in the region.

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