The Untold Stories of Maritime Immigration Campaigns, Celebrity Charms, and Entrepreneurial Ventures with Andrew MacLean

On this week’s Insights podcast, Don and David speak with Andrew MacLean, the author of Backyard History, a podcast, blog and newspaper column covering interesting stories from across the Maritimes. Since much of Backyard History is about our past economy, MacLean is a great guest to tell the stories but also provide insights we can learn from today. There was the pre-Confederation campaign to attract immigrants to New Brunswick including a 94-page handbook used to pitch European migrants on the opportunities and benefits of moving here. They were told New Brunswick was an ideal place because of our high-quality education system (and because you put maple sap in your tea). MacLean tells the story of a deliberate campaign to bring high profile celebrities from the United States as a way to promote tourism. This along with stories of famous entrepreneurs and innovative industries of the past. Well worth an hour of your time. If you listen to the end, he tells Don and David what period of time he would consider to be the region’s ‘golden age’.  

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