Craig Valentine, Your Dream is Not For Sale (Episode 13)

Inspired Leadership is sponsored by Power HR, Multiply Your Leaders, Grow Your Business.  Our guest for this episode is Craig Valentine, MBA, an award-winning speaker, and trainer, Craig has traveled the world helping thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations reap the profitable rewards that come from presenting with impact and persuading with ease.

As mentioned on the podcast to up your speaking game, check out Craig’s: 52 Speaking Tips

As a motivational speaker, Craig has spoken in the United States, Taiwan, Canada, Jamaica, Qatar (Doha), England, Bahamas, Hong Kong, China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, and Australia giving as many as 160 presentations per year. He is the 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International.

Craig has used his proven World Class presentation processes to…

  • win Salesperson of the Year (3 times) for Glencoe/McGraw-Hill’s Mid-Atlantic Division
  • become a top-rated award-winning management trainer for one of the most prestigious and largest seminar companies in the United States
  • produce sales years of  233%, 157%, and 152% of goal for McGraw-Hill
  • sell more than $8 million in educational resources in a single year
  • win Events Manager of the Year for the National Small Business Council, Inc.
  • win a Congressional Achievement Award from the United States Congress for excellence in communications
  • earn the Distinguished Alumni Award from Johns Hopkins University
  • receive hundreds of speaking awards from Toronto to Taipei
  • help the United Way of Central Maryland reach its $45 million fundraising goal in the year 2000 by training their Loan Executives
  • Co-author the #1 Bestselling book, World Class Speaking In Action

Craig Valentine is the President of The Communication Factory, LLC, which is an award-winning company that helps organizations profit by presenting with impact and persuading with ease. Craig has an MBA from Johns Hopkins University.

Craig Valentine is also the Co-Founder of the World Class Speaking program, which helps up-and-coming speakers and speech coaches turn their presentations and programs into huge profits. Craig is the author of the ground breaking book, The Nuts and Bolts of Public Speaking, Co-Author of the books, World Class Speaking and World Class Speaking In Action, and contributing author for the books Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines, Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars, and Guerrilla Marketing Remix.

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