Jody Urquhart, Professional Keynote Speaker on Engaging in Humor to Relieve Stress and Increase Employee Productivity (Episode 16)

Inspired Leadership is sponsored by PowerUp Leadership and Tyler Bayley.  On this episode, we talk about tapping into humor to relieve some of the heaviness from social isolation and to help relieve some of the stress people are feeling right now.

Jody Urquhart has been a keynote speaker for large organizations, healthcare associations, and corporate teams for over 23 years. As a top motivational women speakers, she has the ability to manage a large crowd of 250 – 500 +, while making them laugh and inspire a sense of purpose.

Her presence is dynamic, endearing and not reliant on a stage or PowerPoint. She will connect and motivate your people in ways other motivational speakers can’t. As a former stand up comedian, Jody uses clean, clever comedy, well researched, relevant content and audience interaction to bring audiences together around a shared purpose.

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