Dr. Bill Howatt, Mental Health Expert, on How to Protect Your Mental Health and Create Safe Work Environments During an Uncertain Time (Episode 18)

PowerUp Leadership and Tyler Bayley sponsor the production of the Inspired Leadership Podcast.  This podcast highlights how to build leadership capability in our workplaces. On this episode, we talk to Dr. Bill Howatt, one of Canada’s leading experts on mental health issues in the workplace. Bill is Chief of Research, Workforce Productivity for the Conference Board of Canada, and he is a regular columnist for the Globe and Mail and the Chronicle Herald, an Instructor for the University of New Brunswick, founder and President of Howatt HR, and has published over 400 articles and 40 books. Bill has a new book launching shortly, Stop Hiding and Start Living.  Bill’s life has not been an easy path. He understands the daily struggle of being a human being. Bill has had some major setbacks that have challenged his resiliency, such as being adopted, failing grade two, and living with a mental health illness. If it were not for his positive experience at Acadia University he may not be where he is today. He has over 30 years’ experience in mental health and addictions, HR and leadership.  Thank you to Bill for coming on the podcast, and to our listeners for your support, ideas, and sharing this with your leaders at your organization.  If you would like to suggest a guest for a future episode, please email susan@powerhr.ca.   Stay safe, stay well, stay inspired!!!

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