Trisha Trixie, Author, Designer & Legacy of Love Project, When Life Hands You Lemons (Episode 19)

PowerUp Leadership and Tyler Bayley sponsor the production of the Inspired Leadership Podcast.  This podcast highlights how to build leadership capability in our workplaces. On this episode, Trisha Trixie, mask maker, author, speaker, entrepreneur of Trisha Trixie Designs and pin-up model talk to us about her life experience and what to do when life hands you lemons.  She has written one book as a memoir to showcase the life traveled with her mother in the 70’s called Days of Corn Tortillas and her second book Falling Into Fabulous: A Phoenix Rising.  Her transformation story  may help you overcome the obstacles in your life and be the fabulous people you were meant to be…yourself!

Trisha Trixie has been through much in her life.  In her words, she has “suffered long and hard with trial after trial, adversity after adversity.” After her  second bout with cancer in 2019, Trisha Trixie’s leaving a Legacy of Love on this Earth became even more prevalent! She wants to be impactful. She desired to leave a legacy of love. She wanted to inspire.  She wants her words to leave love as a legacy imprinted upon your soul. #MyLegacyofLove

Come join her new group where Trisha can share her love for life with you to leave a Legacy of Love in this world!

Thank you to Trisha Trixie for coming on the podcast!!!

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