251. Adam Myatt TALKS Authenticity, Confidence and Embracing Chaos

Holy hot dang! I’m back with an outstanding episode with someone I enjoy so much, this time not in front of an audience.


I am talking with comedian, writer, film maker & artist ADAM MYATT! Adam joins me for a true InTalksicated experience to talk about: embracing the chaos of life, finding confidence and avoiding negative self talk, the importance of living your life to be a better performer, setting boundaries to only do what you want (the Samantha approach!) and making a home for yourself as an adult. We also chat about our love of diner breakfasts, strip malls and department stores, little things that can help with depression, being night people,


PLUS: Why is meal prepping the absolute worst? What boomer tendency does Adam hate? Are doomsday preppers ridiculous? How bad is Adam’s depression pile? and lots more!


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