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Jerome, the Mystery Man of Sandy Cove (with Fraser Mooney Jr.)

Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia, 1863

As far back as recorded history can take us, we see the inhabitants of the land presently called Nova Scotia maintaining a strong connection to the waters that surround them.

Forestry, Fishing, Tourism, and recreation. The Atlantic’s waves crash against all aspects of our lives.

it’s not a surprise that the Atlantic Ocean also plays a role in many of Nova Scotia’s most enduring mysteries.

In this this episode, our story involves mysterious strangers arriving to Nova Scotia’s shores by way of the Atlantic Ocean, but in this case they didn’t crash land in a UFO, and they seem to bury any treasure.

All they did was desert a speechless, legless man on a beach in the Digby area of Nova Scotia.

Who he was, why his legs were cut off, and how exactly he came to arrive on the beach… are all questions that have gone unanswered in the 150+ years since his sudden arrival.

Tonight, in this episode of Nighttime, we will be joined by author Fraser Mooney Jr.

Our topic is Jerome, the mystery man of Sandy Cove.


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