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Kimberley Lake’s Vision Loss and Visions (Charles Bonnet Syndrome)

Up until the last several years, Kimberley Lake lived a pretty typical life; a married mom, holding down a stable office job… but for reasons not fully known her life changed dramatically when almost in an instant she lost her vision almost fully.

As you will hear Kim describe in this episode, her vision loss obviously created a tremendous amount of change in her life, but it also had a very odd side affect.

Kimberley has repeatedly experienced the affects of Charles Bonnet Syndrome.

If you are unfamiliar with CBS, like I was until last week, Charles Bonnet Syndrome is a condition in which people who recently lost their version experience vivid, and often intense visual hallucinations.

In many cases, the hallucinations are patterns or objects appearing unexpectedly, however the hallucinations can also be horrific. Kim has seen Rats, spiders, Donald Trump, and even a corpse in her bed.

Tonight, in this episode, Our guest Kimberly lake will share the story of her vision loss, and her visions.


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