Michael Kanatakeron Mitchell – S3

Mike was born into lacrosse; both of his parents were involved in the making of the hickory lacrosse stick, a piece of the game that embodies the traditional and spiritual values of the game, a tradition which was passed on to Mike at a very early age.

From a playing standpoint, Mike played in the St. Regis, Cornwall Island & Cornwall Minor Lacrosse systems of eastern Ontario & western Quebec for many years and is considered by many to be one of the best face-off man and stick handler to come out of Akwesasne.

Mike’s greatest contributions to the game of lacrosse is quite possibly his quiet determination to promote the game of lacrosse as the Creator’s Game and that it’s a game of thanksgiving to the Creator for all He has provided to us.

While Dr. William George Beers is considered the Father or founder of the modern game of lacrosse, Mike has been and continues to be a true champion of the game nationally and internationally – not just for the Mohawk people, but for all other First Nation people.

In 1990, Mike started his vision of promoting lacrosse by reviving the Akwesasne Minor Lacrosse Association.

After many dormant years, Mike’s revival of the Akwesasne Minor Lacrosse Association would have minor teams once again competing in the Ontario Minor Lacrosse Association.

His drive to further promote and grow the game continued with the development of the Iroquois Lacrosse Association over twenty (20) years ago.

In 1993, Mike was appointed to the CLA’s Board of Directors where amongst his duties as a Board member, he led the campaign to have First Nations participants recognized and inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame (CLHoF), both as players and builders.

In 2003, he himself was honoured by the CLHoF with his induction as a Special Contributor in lacrosse.

Mike’s selfless advocacy for the game and those who play it continued as he played a key role in establishing the Akwesasne Lacrosse Hall of Fame [presently in a transition stage to become the Akwesasne Sports Hall of Fame].

Mike was recognized for all that he has given when he was the proud recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal for his service to his people and Canada.

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