Lacrosse Legend Wayne Finck
The Maritimes is an area for growth for lacrosse in Canada. There are some important individuals that
brought it forward.Wayne Finck can easily be referred to as the “Father of Maritime Lacrosse”.

We had hoped Wayne could tell his own story but he tragically entered into a struggle with life-ending cancer before his interview could take place.

We are proud to bring Wayne Finck’s story to you through the words of his daughter Julie and others who knew him well.

Wayne was involved as a player, a coach, a builder, administrator, a referee – pretty well any role you can think of.

Wayne is regarded as the person who saved the sport in Nova Scotia in the 1990’s. He was eventually inducted into the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame as recognition for his many efforts.

This is one of just a few interviews we have undertaken regarding a Legends of Lacrosse who has passed and we do so as a tribute to Wayne Finck’s legacy in the game.

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