Preview: National Conference on First Nations Law Enforcement


Andrew Beynon, Director of Land Governance, gives us a sneak preview of the first national conference to be held on solving the crisis of ineffective law enforcement in our land code communities.

The National Conference on Enforcement of First Nations Laws will be held June 6-8, 2023 in Ottawa-Gatineau. More than 500 participants are expected.

00:50 – Why it is critical to bring together this national conference on enforcement of First Nations laws.

2:20 – There is more recognition of self-government, but what good is it without the ability to enforce laws enacted under new land codes? We must fix this legacy of failure, a real gap.

4:20 – Theme for day one: federal/provincial action plans. Is anything really happening on the ground? Andrew mentions progress being made in some jurisdictions such as Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

6:07 – Theme for day two: success stories. What has to happen next? How are pilot projects proceeding?

7:25 – Theme for day three: First Nations policing.  Many communities rely on the RCMP or provincial policing, and they are overstretched already. Some laws however do not require a police element. How should they be dealt with?

11:45 – Possibility of a national coalition? This will be discussed at the conference due to the degree of interest in solving enforcement issues. It is up to First Nations leadership to consider this as a positive next step. There are common issues across the country. Andrew mentions specific communities doing interesting things.

15:03 – Andrew hopes that participants leave the conference with enthusiasm and optimism. Solutions in policing, prosecution and the courts can be found.


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