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Laura’s Carrot Cake

It’s October! My favourite season – sweaters, pumpkins, scarves, and all of the apples I can eat. Judging from the autumnal feel in her cozy kitchen, I think Laura feels the same way. Before our visit, Laura had been to my house (more than once) to pick things up when I wasn’t home, so it was really nice to meet her and her sweet family in person. It was made all the sweeter because she made her grandmother’s simple carrot cake recipe, which we enjoyed slathered in cream cheese frosting, eaten warm and served on fancy plates.

You’ll hear the story of the teapot in the audio, and Laura’s super-cute daughter’s review of the cake, too.

Laura loves the Pillsbury Complete Book of Baking (the 1993 edition is the one she has) and lists several recipes from it that she makes – that’s where the cream cheese frosting recipe comes from. There is a lemon truffle pie recipe in it that she talks about that sounds incredible, and we talk about this recipe from her other grandmother:

lemon loaf

There is much discussion of pumpkin spiced things and this recipe, and a brief lament over Cook’s Dairy Egg Nog, a perfect thing of the past. (Farmer’s has too much nutmeg for both of us.)

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Carrot cake recipe

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Laura's Carrot Cake

Laura’s Carrot Cake

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