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Laura’s Creamed Hot Lobster


Happy Holidays, and welcome to December! The timing for this episode fell into place perfectly. Because of a wild week of weather, the start of lobster season this year is delayed until today – Saturday, December 1 – the day this episode will go live. During the holiday season, many people in Nova Scotia enjoy lobster as a special treat in dips at parties and gatherings, a Christmas Eve meal or on New Year’s Eve, so it’s ideal for December as people are enjoying their first “feed” of the season. Laura generously invited me to her home and served the most delicious hot creamed lobster two ways – on potatoes, and on hot buttered toast. Locally, the toast version is known as a hot lobster sandwich. The sandwich was named by Clara Harris, and Laura has been sharing it with many people at various events over the years.

Rolling lobster legs

Herb Bread

lobster cooking


And now, some links to things we chat about during the episode!

Laura’s original post with Clara Harris is here.

A great little video of Laura’s hot lobster sandwich experience on the Tusket Islands on YouTube is here.

You can find Laura’s blog here, and find her on Facebook and Instagram.

We mention my first episode with Mrs Trask, one of my most popular.

I’ve posted episodes about lobster before – it is a massive part of Nova Scotia’s economy. If you’re in a lobstery mood, other episodes/posts about lobster are Alana’s Lobster Cakes, and a field trip on my dad’s boat.

Laura has something like this on her countertop for dispensing olive oil.

You can find out more about Tusket Island Tours here.

Laura’s beautiful Queen’s Bouquet china pattern. (Don’t microwave those gold edges! Listen to the podcast for more.)

Ricing potatoes

Laura's china

Creamed lobster

hot lobster on potato

Laura's recipe

A quick housekeeping note – I will be taking a bit of a winter break to recharge and plan some visits for season three, and will be back in March. I will occasionally post things I’m making in the kitchen over on Instagram and Facebook. I hope that you have a happy and healthy holiday season and take time to make some recipes that you love for people you love.

And don’t forget that you can subscribe to the podcast in your favourite podcasting app so you never miss an episode. Happy holidays!

Laura’s Creamed Hot Lobster

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