Deakins’ Blues (and Greens and Reds)

For the latest edition of Lens Me Your Ears, we have a look at master cinematographer Roger Deakins, famous for his work with the Coen Brothers, who we swear we will get to in a future episode. Right now, his latest collaboration with director Sam Mendes, Empire of Light is gracing cinema screens, and this week Carsten & Stephen take a look at his career going back to his feature debut with Justine: Or the Misfortunes of Virtue starring royal scandal participant Koo Stark, and through work with directors like Martin Scorsese (Kundun), John Sayles (Passion Fish) and the aforementioned Mendes (Revolutionary Road), plus the Kinks’ Ray Davies’ experimental longform music video Return to Waterloo.


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Carsten’s twitter: @FlawInTheIris

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