Let Me Overthink About… Self Love

In my sixth episode of season two, it’s all me. Overthinking my thoughts… about self love.

We dive into:
• How the degree to which you love yourself affects every one of your relationships
• The connection between self love and mental health
• Self love as a self fulfilling prophecy

Self love is a topic that I have been overthinking a lot more in the past year. Loving yourself can be especially tough when you are fighting against a mental illness that wants to do the exact opposite. My anxiety and my depression work against me every day in this work of falling in love with myself, but I’m up for the challenge.

(By the way, please ignore the lawn mower in the background for about a minute at the twenty-six minute mark. I’m trying hard not to overthink about it;)

“Self-love means that I have a relationship with myself built on trust and loyalty…I’ll disappoint everyone else before I’ll disappoint myself.” – Glennon Doyle

Theme song produced, recorded, mixed, by John Mullane for LMOAI. Written by John Mullane.

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