Let Me Overthink About… The Comfort of Tea

In my ninth episode of season two, I am joined by my pal Jann McFarlane to overthink about the comfort of tea.

We dive into:
• The importance of community
• The effects of online bullying
• Getting through tough times by creating a sense of normalcy

Jann is a super dorky 40 something (seriously, she can never remember how old she is), living in a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada with her wife.

She loves all things tea, especially antique tea ware and patents. She’s not a jam jar, but here are some labels that she easily slaps onto herself: happily introverted, her anxiety has anxiety, dances freely, lives with fibromylagia, scorpio, cat lover, Xennial, over-thinker, Apple fan-girl and an INFJ-T.

She loves designing stickers, curating antique teaware boxes, and of course creating YouTube videos. Most of all, she loves connecting with kind people across the globe.

You can connect with Jann at: www.teawithjann.com or on Instagram at: @teawithjann.

Theme song produced, recorded, mixed, by John Mullane for LMOAI. Written by John Mullane.

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