062 – Adapting to the New Reality

Welcome to the Level Up Your Life podcast hosted by the awe-inspiring, motivating, and passionate Mark Black. As a double transplant survivor Mark has a very exclusive and different take on life. Mark is what all motivational speakers aspire to. He is kind, spirited, and animated with a pure and honest heart. When you listen to Mark speak you can’t help but become excited. Mark cares about helping you get to the next level in all areas of life, work, home, mental, physical and emotional.

In this episode, Mark interviews author, coach, humanitarian and Hall of Fame speaker, Martin Latulippe. Martin is an expert at human potential and peak performance and is known around the world for helping people turn their expertise into a vehicle for helping others.

In this fascinating interview, Martin shares how he has pivoted his business over the years to adapt to changes in the market to ensure that he remains relevant and is able to thrive no matter what is going on.

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FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT Martin go to: www.martinlatulippe.ca

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