LUYL 056 Mindset Hacks for Dealing With Covid-19

Welcome to the Level Up Your Life podcast hosted by the awe-inspiring, motivating, and passionate Mark Black. As a double transplant survivor Mark has a very exclusive and different take on life. Mark is what all motivational speakers aspire to. He is kind, spirited, and animated with a pure and honest heart. When you listen to Mark speak you can’t help but become excited. Mark cares about helping you get to the next level in all areas of life, work, home, mental, physical and emotional.

In this episode, Mark discusses the covid-19 pandemic and how you can deal effectively with it and the challenges it has created. It is all too easy to become overwhelmed when things like this happen, but Mark will help you think through the challenges with a level head and calm heart.

In this episode, Mark provides 4 Mindset Hacks for Dealing with Covid-19

  1. Gratitude
  • This is a time when it’s all too easy to fall into destructive victim thinking. The best remedy for that, is to focus on all we have to be grateful for despite what we have lost.
  1. Constructive Comparison
  • Typically, comparison does more harm than good, but there are specific contexts where it can be a helpful way to gain perspective
  1. Be of Service
  • The more you can feel useful by helping someone else, the better you will feel about your situation
  1. Look for Opportunities
  • Every time of great change brings about opportunities. Those who have the right mindset are more likely to to notice those opportunities when they arise. How can be adaptable and innovate to create opportunities during this time.

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