LUYL 049: Be – Do – Have

Everyone wants to achieve success. The question is: what does “success” really mean and, more importantly, how do you get it?

Most of us have taught about success in the wrong way. We have been taught to set goals, create actions to pursue those goals, and then enjoy the rewards. The problem with this model is that it makes your happiness contingent on your results. To HAVE what you want, you have to DO what it takes, and then you can BE happy. Have-Do-Be is a broken model. In this episode, Mark suggests flipping that model on its head: Be-Do-Have. Focus first on your identity and who you want to become; then discern the actions that kind of person would take; so that you can have the things that kind of person would have.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why the Have, Do, Be model of success is broken
  • Where real happiness comes from and how to achieve it (did you know lottery winners are no happier than you are?
  • Why you have to get “right with yourself” first before you can ever hope to have what you want
  • How to think about your goals in a different way that are based in IDENTITY rather than in RESULTS

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