Ep75: Couple of Sick Boys Chat About Therapy Ft. Advocate and Podcaster Brian Stever

75 Episodes! A really amazing milestone. Thank you so much for your love and support over the past four years, you beautiful wrecks. It hasn't been pretty, but it's been ours. I can't think of any better way to celebrate than with a conversation with one of my favourite podcasters, Brian Stever. Brian is a mental health advocate and a bonafide storyteller. As co-host of the Sickboy Podcast, he helps break down the stigma surrounding illness by fostering honest conversations like the one we had today. After learning about our shared appreciation for therapy while recording an episode of Sickboy (linked below), Brian and I decided to hop on the mics and chat about the place therapy hold in our lives. The conversation only blossomed from there. An open and authentic conversation between two men, what more could you want.

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Click here to listen to my interview on Sickboy

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