Ep81: Advocating For What's Right Regardless of The Cost Ft. Podcaster Joel Kaskinen

Happy Friday Wrecks! Hope you've been doing well. This has been a very tough year for many people in Nova Scotia and after the floods we experienced these past few weeks, I wanted to send some love to all those affected. If you're looking for some local recovery resources and mental health support, check out the link below:


This week on the podcast, I'm joined by my friend Joel Kaskinen who has supported me and the podcast since our early days and someone I'm very fortunate to have crossed paths with throughout my mental health journey. An advocate and podcaster himself himself, Joel uses his background in communications and community building to advocate for mental healthcare, suicide and gun violence prevention, and other social rights. During our conversation, we talked about the nuances of advocacy and Joel shares his experience with the cost that advocacy can have. A great conversation with a great person so make sure to kick back and relax and enjoy the ep!

Here's a link to the episode Joel and I recorded for his podcast" It's All In My Head": https://podcasts.apple.com/tj/podcast/26-kyle-moore-destigmatizing-mens-mental-health/id1534504550?i=1000541700282

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