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Making Business Law Work for You with Megan Cornell – November 5th 2019

If you’re providing a service to entrepreneurs, what’s the best way to understand what they need? According to Megan Cornell, President and Chief Idea Officer at Momentum Business Law, become one.

After spending 10+ years working at big law firms, Megan started Momentum Business Law with the objective of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through collaboration and superior client service, all enabled through the joyous embrace of technology.

With over 15 years experience advising all sizes and types of business, as well as running her own business and investing in businesses, Megan has developed an understanding of the business realities which legal problems exist in the middle of. When she advises companies, she seeks to find the best legal answer to solve the business issue which is presented. 

“There’s a growing legal innovation space. There’s online groups, conferences, and people that are trying to make legal spaces better and very importantly, more accessible. I’m happy to not spend all my days explaining myself to lawyers but chat with entrepreneurs instead.

In this week’s episode of the #StartupCanadaPodcast, Rivers Corbett sits down with Megan to help entrepreneurs understand how business law can work for them.

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