Mattys Mental Health Podcast #54 – Sam P. Wayward

Sam is a mother of four, a former Machinist, and cofounder of Women Building PEI. A non for profit organization the supports women in the trades on PEI.   Sam shares her story from childhood trauma, to a high school life of partying and finding herself pregnant at 17. She speaks on blessings found in motherhood including meaning, structure, purpose and a new found confidence.   Sam found herself in a deep depression a few years later, struggling with her identity outside of being a mother. This lead to her almost losing her life, and spending some time in unit 9.    Sam then made some life changes. She went to trade school, starting working in the field, starting the non for profit, and participating in other jobs and hobbies.   She outlines the biggest lessons she learns and continues to learn in life, and the things that helped her most get through hard times.   Great conversation with Sam,   Hope you enjoy!

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