Matty Mental Health Podcast – Skylar Roth-MacDonald

Skylar shares his plans to run across Canada to raise awareness for mental health. He will be leaving June 1rst 2021 from Victoria B.C., arriving in St. John’s N.L. near the end of October. His goal is to finish the run in 150 days or less, and to raise 50,000$ for the Canadian Mental Health Association. We discuss what lead him on this path of being a mental health advocate, and what sparked such a unfathomable challenge. Skylar shares his story losing a friend to suicide at 12 years old, and another at 16. Along with a “wave” of suicides with a total of 8 in his age group before the end of high school. Skylar and I discuss grief, coping mechanisms, stigmas, societal factors and more..   Really great conversation with Skyler!    Hope you enjoy!

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