Mattys Mental Health Podcast #59 – Lincoln McCardle

Lincoln starting experimenting with drugs at the age of the 13, soon after becoming a daily occurrence. By the age the age of 14 he getting trouble in school, running away for days at a time, and selling drugs. He shares his experiences using through his teens, in and out of the youth center. He recalls going to the addictions center at 16, and how this was a turning point for him understanding the deeper reasons of his using. He continued how ever and hit rock bottom at age 24 before then decided to get clean. Lincoln is now 1 year into sobriety, and wants to help others that are going through what he did.

He has a twitch account he created as a safe place for anyone struggling to go and share, and encourages people to reach out that are struggling. Lincoln is currently back in school working towards becoming a youth worker.

Twitch account Р Hope you enjoy!

Prince Edward Island, 2021-04-20

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