Mattys Mental Health Podcast #60 – Lyndsay Gaudet

Lyndsay is a child care worker, a studying youth worker, and a mental health advocate. She recalls her earliest memories feeling as though she was born in the wrong gender. (Born male) She knew something was not right, and had the courage to open up to her mother at the age of 10.  After getting some help, she continued as a male experiencing bullying and harassment through junior high and high school. She was later diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria and began transitioning in 2016.   Lyndsey describes the hardships she’s had forming relationships as a transwomen, and the lasting effects of hiding who she was for so long. She was also diagnosed with Major Depression, Generalized Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder, and OCD.   After going through her worst episode of suicidal depression, Lyndsey was able to get into the Reach Foundation program. This was a big turning point for her finding herself and beginning to build her future.

Really great story,

Hope you enjoy!

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