Mattys Mental Health Podcast #51 – Tony Davis

Tony Davis is a Journalist at CBC, and a former Photographer and Reporter at The Guardian.   Tony shares his story experiencing trauma and instability during childhood, and later seeing his mother slip into addiction just after graduating high school. He describes the impacts this had on him and his family, leading to her passing just a few years later. Tony describes the grieving process, tools he has learned to work through it, and a perspective shift with determination to turn it into a positive. He touches on seeking professional help, support systems, the power of positivity, hobbies, work life balance and more..

Hope you enjoy!

Tony emphasizes the importance of people sharing their experiences with mental health, he hopes by sharing his it may inspire others to do the same. You can contact him at if you’d like to share your story.

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Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. February 23rd 2021

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