Mike Tanner of One Red Cat (http://www.oneredcat.com/) started recording his first podcast in 2004 while he was working at the Halifax Mac Store.  He listened to podcasts for hours while he was fixing Macs and decided that he would give it a shot.  Donair Films was his first podcast.  He talked movies, one of his favorite subjects.  It was the early days of podcasting, so his audience was made up of mostly family and friends.  Next, a couple of co-works teamed up with him for a new podcast called Not Work for Safe. Then life got in the way.  The store closed and soon a family was the priority.

Flash forward.  Mike opens One Red Cat, a business that helps other businesses find their place online.  In the early days of the business he worked with a call center in India.  After completing a task, an employee at the center told him that, “The needful has been done”.  That became his motto. When it comes to all things social media nothing is off limits.  One Red Cat will get the job done.

Over the course of the next year or so Mike found himself driving a lot. He had 15 to 30 minute periods of time in the car so he created Riding in Cars with Cats.  He records the podcast as he drives and shares what he blogs about and the meetings he’s been having.  He also uses it to flesh out his own ideas.  Another podcast, Little Mic Drop came about from him writing a book.  And after all of that he still has time for one more podcast.  Mostly Spoilers is a new movie review podcasts he does with a friend.

That’s a lot on one person’s plate but there’s more.  For the past four years Mike has been involved with BlogJam.  He started out as a speaker, then became an organizer.  For BlogJam 4, this fall, he will have a workshop.  When it comes to bogging, he supports the less is more philosophy.  “When someone says, ‘When I read your blog it just sounds like your talking.’  And I say ‘Great’ that’s kind of what I am going for.”   Mike also has been a big part of the annual Halifax Podcamp.  This event is part of a global community who get together to explore their digital lives.

Mike Tanner is a big part of Atlantic Canada’s podcasting community.  Podcast Atlantic is thrilled to have him and his podcasts a part of the growing directory.  Stay tuned for more.

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