Me, My Mom & Surviving Trauma

Content Warning: Sexual Trauma, Details Omitted

On this weeks episode, Sarah sits down with her mother Inez and talks about their journey as mother and daughter, both healing from sexual trauma. This conversation encompasses what it was like for Inez to help support Sarah through her healing, how Inez felt when she found out about Sarahs history, Sarahs fears of opening up and the moment she found out years later about Inez’s history. They discuss how this has impacted and strengthened their relationship, as well as the struggles. Inez imparts so much wisdom in this episode and leaves Sarah dumbfounded more than once when she recalls memories Sarah blocked out. This conversation is cathartic, raw, and beautiful because it’s an insider view to a unique healing journey, one that started 50 years ago. It’s about the power of being vulnerable, and the power of listening to those you love. ⠀ If you or someone you know is suffering from sexual trauma, please visit the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre for support ⠀ Get your very own Momgasm Swag! NEW “Riots Not Diets” design just dropped! ⠀ Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @momgasmpodcast ⠀ Need a safe space to express & explore yourself? Join us in The Momgasm Den our FREE FB community! ⠀ ⠀ Help your fellow Mama’s out! Become a Patron today and help us create even more juicy content! Now offering bi-weekly virtual parties. ⠀ Visit the website ⠀ Don’t forget to subscribe, share, rate & review. As a relatively new show what you have to share can make a powerful impact. You help us get into the ears of those who need these conversations most.

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