Creating Emotional Space in a Fucked Up World

Sarah and Lindsay are talking about how fucked up life has been for the last couple of months. From philosophical issues, existential crisis’ and vulnerability hangovers. We are diving deep into this one and discussing the righteousness in social media, saviour complexes, how Lindsay is over fear-mongering, restorative justice and community support, cancel culture, modern day witch hunts within our community, and Sarah shares her current inner child work and how she was triggered by a profound conversation with someone linked to her trauma. Lindsay finds her inner world explodes after witnessing a “coming to Jesus” moment within her circle of friends. We break up the seriousness with beach boys IRL, bug aversions and poop! ⠀ Get your very own Momgasm Swag! NEW designs just dropped! ⠀ Fill up your pantry with some of our favourite cannbis products at and use code: MOMGASM for 20% off! ⠀ Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @momgasmpodcast ⠀ Need a safe space to express & explore yourself? Join us in The Momgasm Den our FREE FB community! ⠀ ⠀ Help your fellow Mama’s out! Become a Patron today and help us create even more juicy content! Now offering bi-weekly virtual parties. ⠀ Visit the website ⠀ Don’t forget to subscribe, share, rate & review. As a relatively new show what you have to share can make a powerful impact. You help us get into the ears of those who need these conversations most.

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