What The F#*k is Sex Therapy Anyways? Interview with Dr. Natalie Rosen

Have you ever wondered just what in the hell IS sex therapy?! Well wonder no more, we have the holy grail! In this weeks episode, we sat down with Dr. Natalie Rosen and answered our most burning questions, as well covering just what in the hell is it and who is it for? Spoiler alert, kinda for anyone and everyone who is experiencing sexual distress. We covered the ins and outs of sex therapy, as well as common issues she see’s in clients, balancing novelty and intimacy, defining sexual health, consensual non-monogamy, sex without orgasms, motherhood and transitions that affect your sexuality. This was a potent conversation and we hope to have her back to answer any of YOUR questions, so email us at momgasmpodcast@gmail.com to let us know! ⠀ Follow along with Natalie at www.natalieorosen.com, @cashlab on Instagram and check out their “Hanky Panky” videos http://postbabyhankypanky.com/ ⠀ Get your very own Momgasm Swag! NEW designs just dropped! https://www.bonfire.com/store/momgasm/ ⠀ Fill up your pantry with some of our favourite cannbis products at https://www.getmysupply.co and use code: MOMGASM for 20% off! ⠀ Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @momgasmpodcast ⠀ Need a safe space to express & explore yourself? Join us in The Momgasm Den our FREE FB community! ⠀ bit.ly/momgasmden ⠀ Help your fellow Mama’s out! Become a Patron today and help us create even more juicy content! Now offering bi-weekly virtual parties. www.patreon.com/momgasmpodcast ⠀ Visit the website www.momgasm.mystrikingly.com ⠀ Don’t forget to subscribe, share, rate & review. As a relatively new show what you have to share can make a powerful impact. You help us get into the ears of those who need these conversations most.

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