Squirrelling Off with Momgasm

This week’s episode is a throwback to when times were simpler and our world wasn’t knee deep in isolation. We recorded this episode back in February and never released this two hour behemoth. We dove into the power of selfies, creatives being serial entrepreneurs, tantric sex, Lindsays new fave porno “Impregnation, Nation”, impersonating Julia Child and Sean Connery, rewiring sexuality with a pleasure journal, thinking about our friends having sex, exhibitionism, somatic approaches for anxiety and so much fucking more. So sit back, relax and remember a time when life was simpler pre-COVID, enjoy! ⠀ Get your very own Momgasm Swag! www.bonfire.com/momgasm ⠀ Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @momgasmpodcast ⠀ Want to connect to us further? Then join us in The Momgasm Den our FREE FB community! ⠀ bit.ly/momgasmden ⠀ Help your fellow Mama’s out! Become a Patron today and help us create even more juicy content! Now offering weekly virtual parties to help you through COVID 19 www.patreon.com/momgasmpodcast ⠀ Visit our website www.momgasm.mystrikingly.com

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