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Mrs Trask’s Rhubarb Clafoutis

Rhubarb in hand

I am so delighted that this episode’s visit is with my first returning guest. Mrs Trask graciously agreed to share her rhubarb clafoutis recipe this time around – I had some lovely feedback from her first appearance on the very first episode I ever put together; you should go back and give it a listen. Thank you for sharing the recipe, for the visit, and the tea, Mrs Trask! If I had to write a love song to a food, it would be to rhubarb. Sour, intense flavours are my jam – cranberries, gooseberries, lemon – they’re all so good! Rhubarb is very low maintenance once established, and it arrives early in the summer. If you don’t have your own patch, it’s pretty easy to find at roadside stands, farmer’s markets, and grocery stores at this time of year. I’m also including a recipe for our favourite rhubarb custard squares, because they are just so mouthwateringly decadent. They contain most of the same ingredients as the clafoutis, just assembled differently – both recipes are perfect for making right now, while rhubarb season is in full swing! Enjoy!

Things we mention in the episode:


Growing rhubarb

Rhubarb relish



Sour cream


Rhubarb patch

Mrs Trask’s Rhubarb Clafoutis

And a bonus recipe for my favourite, simple rhubarb squares! They are quick, easy, and sooooo delicious. Sweet and tart and juicy, rich and buttery on the bottom – they are early summer perfection.

Rhubarb squares-2.jpg

rhubarb squares in progress

Rhubarb squares-5.jpg

Rhubarb Custard Squares

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