019 : Lynette Artin of Get Fit Mining

In this episode of the Multiple Streams of Income Podcast (http://msipodcast.com/019) I talk with Lynette Artin, creator of Get Fit Mining, a revolutionary blockchain based smart contract that allows you the opportunity to securely and anonymously convert your activity data into cryptocurrency tokens, which can then be traded and sold into other tokens and even dollars.  And you can earn even more by simply sharing Get Fit Mining with others!

It doesn’t matter if you work full time, are involved in other business opportunities, or even if you are a couch potato!  Who wouldn’t want to monetize their activity data 24/7/365?

If you feel like you’ve missed out on other great opportunities in the past, Get Fit Mining is here for the taking.

Listen to my chat with Get Fit Mining creator Lynette Artin and be sure to use my referral link below to get started.

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For complete show notes including the links where you can try Get Fit Mining, visit http://msipodcast.com/019

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