Embracing an Athlete’s Mindset as a Business Owner w/ Nevell Provo | My Driven Life | Ep. 3

With podcast host, Gabe Roy, we hear stories from entrepreneurs, creators and change-makers who have turned their passion into a viable brand.


On episode three, we sat down with Nevell Provo, a student-athlete and business founder from North Preston, Nova Scotia. From a young age, Nevell had his sights on the NBA. His drive and determination took him to play D1 college basketball at Loyola, but somewhere in his journey, he realized his dreams might not come to fruition.


He decided to channel his skills and discipline into a new venture – starting a business. Just over a year ago, Nevell co-founded Smooth Meal Prep. The company cooks and delivers healthy meals all across the Halifax area to help people reach their fitness goals.


ALSO: Make sure you stick around til the end! Nevell drops a casual freestyle 🔥

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