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Nighttime’s Summer Announcements

Hello Listeners,

Sorry to pop into your feed like this, but I want to give you a quick update on all things Nighttime.

Let me start with the biggest one, a production update.

Nighttime will be taking the remainder of the summer off… sort of.
Basically for the remainder of July and August I don’t plan to release any new episodes to the feed. but… new content will still be posted…
How does that work you ask?

well, I plan to take some time to rewrite, rerecord, and rerelease some of the earlier episodes of Nighttime.

Why would I do that?

It’s simple… over the last 5 years I’ve learned a bunch, upgraded my equipement, and just got all around better at telling these stories. Some of the earlier episodes could benefit from some TLC and over my summer break I plan to do it.
So that said, if there is an old episode of Nighttime you love that you’d like to hear a new take on, let me know.

I plan to return to my normal production schedule come September.

Now, a few final updates, these unrelated to production…
I often get requests from listeners asking if they can send me something via traditional snail mail. Well, now you can. I’ve arranged a postal box and I’ve added the address to the “contact” section of my website…  I only ask if you send something that you don’t want shared publicly on social media or whatnot please include a note stating the same. I have several live events planned in the coming months I’d love to see you out.

On August 18th, I’ll be at True Crime Podcasts, Live in Toronto. This event will be held at the Royal Theatre and will feature myself along with my pals Nina from Already GOne, Kristi from Canadian True Crime, Robin from Trail Went Cold, Aaron from Generation why, and many others. There are still some tickets left so if you are in the Toronto area grab them now at

If true crime’s not your thing, I’ll be speaking at Cape Breton Nova Scotia’s comic book and sci fi type convention… Capercon. The event runs from Sept 20 – 22 and will feature exciting guests like castmembers from Star Trek the next generation. If that’s not weird enough for ya, I’ll also be at the Shag Harbour UFO Festival from October 4 – 6.

So that’s about all I feel the need to interrupt your podcast listening with today.
I want to thank you everyone who listens for providing me with another great year of Nighttime. Im excited to share much more with you in the future.

For anyone out there who wants to support Nighttime, check out my patreon campaign, for a dollar a month you can access the ad free premium feed which provides early releases of the episodes. and then, for only a couple dollars more you can access the Nightcap aftershow episodes in which I and a guest climb even further down the rabit holes then what you hear in the main episodes.

You can join by visiting

For anyone else who would like to support the show, but is unable to do so financially, you can do so by telling your friends about me, and leaving a positive review on apple podcasts or equivalent.

If any of you listening want to stay up to date with my activities in and out of the show, follow me on facebook and on twitter and instagram, where my handle is @Nighttimepod

and as I’m presently researching future episode topics, If you have a story you’d like to share, or an idea of a story I should consider, let me know!

until next time… take care of each other, hug your loved ones tight, and let me know if you see anything weird.

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