Not certain about the Sirtfood Diet…

Hannah and Tareq get into the sirtfood diet. It’s all based on promoting the activity of molecules in our body called sirtuins. Promises of weight loss… longer life…. gorgeous skin… what’s new? We’ll get into it. It’s one of the current popular celebrity diets of choice! Should you be on it too? JK we would never recommend a fad diet. But, we WILL break one down and talk about the nutrition science behind it! Also listen to us try to figure out what the Krebs cycle is… If you got this far, DM us what project you’ve given up on. Thanks, Lauren!

BS of the Week: Bloating. Hannah tells us all about why feeling bloated isn’t always a bad thing and why our obsession with “de-bloating” remedies has gone too far. Listen up!

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