The Personal Trainer — Ep. 18

NOTE: This episode of OJT is part of a crossover with Matty’s Mental Health Podcast, hosted by today’s guest.
Mattys Mental Health Podcast is a place where people share their real-life stories about mental health. Matty also does personal training under his business Move Forward Fitness.
Be sure to check out my story on Matty’s show, where I talk about living with Crohn’s disease and how chronic physical illness impacts mental health.
* * * * *
Matt Burke is 25-year-old entrepreneur from Charlottetown, PEI.
In the first part of our interview, Matt discusses his work as an independent personal trainer.
We talk about going solo as a business, growing an audience during a pandemic, and what it means to care about health.
Stick around after the interview for this week’s Progress Report about getting some valuable real-world experience.
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