Mr. Basketball

“I’m the wealthiest guy I know because I’ve got everything I could have ever dreamed to ask for.”

David Magley is our guest on episode 2 of “On Guard For Three”.

He’s the 1978 Indiana Mr. Basketball, member of the 1982 All-Big 8 team at Kansas, Cleveland Cavaliers draft pick, former Commissioner of the NBLC and current TBL commissioner.

We talk about his high school days in Indiana and his Hall of Fame La Salle coach (3:30) he shares the stories of why he went to Kansas (he met a pretty special girl) and why he did NOT go to Indiana (MIGHT have something to do with Coach Knight) (23:30)

His pro career (31:30), his relationship with his Kansas coach Ted Owens (39:00), shares his thoughts on the KU, Kansas State brawl and the college/AAU relationship, (42:30)

His thoughts on the benefits of the European basketball system versus North America (48:30), his best Phil Jackson story (52:00), the status of the NBLC nowadays and how it and the CEBL impacts his league (57:30)

As well, his excitement about the upcoming TBL season (71:00).

Finally, Dave and Brock continue their ongoing Raptors fight (76:00), including Brock’s unnatural hatred for Kyle Lowry (79:00), and we get an update on Dave’s men’s league team (yawn) and Brock’s Shamrock’s team and their best loss of the year (95:00) #teamlandonwest!!

In our last couple of minutes, we bring you what’s coming up on On Guard For Three (97:00).

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