Steve Chapman – “Once I’m in the gym, the kids energize me”

Episode 6 of On Guard For Three is allllll Mount Allison Mounties!
Mounties men’s coach Steve Chapman is our guest as he joins his former pupil in studio.

We talk about the end of the team’s regular season and the playoffs this weekend in Halifax (2:00), ask him when he fell in love with the game of basketball (4:45), find out he was better at……hockey….than hoops? (6:00)

His decision to pass up the local program in Wolfville for Mount Allison for ALL the wrong reasons (8:45), the return of Mounties basketball in 1992 and his first run as men’s coach (10:30)

How a local university can impact development of basketball in a community (13:00), Mount Allison playing in the CCAA versus USports (15:30), the quality of the coaches in the ACAA and the fact that the brand new USport Coach of the Year is a former Mount Saint Vincent coach (18:30)

We discuss the complications of recruiting to Mount A and how coach focuses on NB talent (19:45), recruiting in an age of position-less basketball (21:50), whether or not Mount A’s recent first appearance at Nationals was a game-changer for the program (23:45), the Game On program that coach, Norval McConnell and other alumni put together to raise funds for student athletes and it’s roaring early success (26:00)

The players to watch from his squad this weekend in Halifax, including NB’ers Aram Currie, Noah McCarthy and James French (30:00), how prepared this weekend’s champ will be to compete at the CCAA championships (34:00) his confidence that the program can continue to improve and compete consistently nationally (36:00)

The importance of defending to succeed at that level (38:30), the great atmosphere that playing at “The Mount” will provide this weekend and the knowledgeable crowd’s in Halifax (40:00).

We continue our…..controversial?….discussion on the state of basketball in NB and how effective BNB and the club environment are at producing top shelf talent together (43:45), and the joys that keep him coming back to the game (52:30).

We break to announce our new Bracket Challenge sponsored by the Chris Rock Tavern (56:00) before returning to coach and getting his thoughts on the NCAA tournament and his TERRIBLE answer to our “If you were commissioner of basketball for a day” question.

Luckily, he makes up with it by being nice to his wife Carol and his kids (65:00).

We’re all partial around here, but GO MOUNTIES!

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