Serge Langis

Welcome to “On Guard For Three”

For our inaugural episode, we welcome in Serge Langis, former coach of the KW Titans and Moncton Miracles of the NBCL and current Co-Owner and President of Sweat Academy.

We delve into his history with the game, the ins and outs of Sweat Academy (22:00), basketball in French Language communities in the province of New Brunswick (31:30), and being a basketball parent (35:30)

I make Serge feel bad about the Utah Jazz being his favourite team (54:30) but somehow he turns that into a discussion of how Magic Johnson ruined the game (55:30)

Brock offers up a great reason why the Jazz didn’t drop the nickname when they moved to Utah (60:30)

It’s Brock vs. Dave on how the Raptors should handle the rest of their season (62:15)

Canada Basketball and Olympic qualifying (73:00) And we finish with a little NBLC/CEBL talk (79:00)

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