Hanging Out With Sean McMullen: The Self-Isolation Issue | Ep. 78

I think we’re starting to get to a point where we’re really starting to understand this pandemic isn’t going away soon. I know we “knew” that, but we didn’t really know that. That make sense? It’s like the five stages of grief. We’re starting to move through them and mourn our old lives while wondering what out new ones will look like. It’s kinda scary.

Sean and I talk about how we’re feeling and manage to get some laughs in. Things feel so heavy lately it seems. It’s nice to have an honest talk about it while remembering how nice it is to joke around. I hope all of you enjoy it, too.

This thing is just getting started, but hang on. Let’s try not to lose hope. It’s times like these where some of the best stuff comes through the human spirit.

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