Abigail Lower on Freeing Yourself from Influence | Ep. 79

Freedom. Ah, doesn’t that sounds especially sweet right now?

We may be feeling a little caged right now since we can’t go out and visit our friends, but the most effective cage in our lives is our mind. Now, I don’t expect that statement to be particularly shocking. Our culture is becoming more sensitive to mental health and the influence our minds have over our lives so we mostly have this basic understanding. That is a great start, but where to go from there? Ok, our mind is holding us back. But how? What does that look like? And what do we do about it?

Have a listen to my conversation with the brilliant Abigail. Her fresh insights offer a new way to break through the limits we place on ourselves.

The youngest of four, Abigail was born in the UK to artist parents. With the backdrop of rugged Dartmoor and a home full of creativity, art came naturally and she grew up drawing, spending thousands of hours mastering realism.

As a young adult, she abandoned drawing completely while she and her husband travelled together. They lived in New Zealand for several years before venturing to the East Coast of Canada where they settled and raised three children.

One day about 15 years later, she picked up a piece of charcoal from the embers of a fire and started to draw again, instantly reigniting her passion for art. Charcoal was a medium she had never worked with and she had never drawn an animal, but they both took her hand and led her into the wilderness…


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