Alexa Goodman on Handling Our Behaviour During a Challenge | Ep. 80

Ok, it’s been something like four weeks since we’ve had to stay home, right? Perhaps some of us still need more time to grieve, but others may be noticing a crossroads. What next? Shall I plunge into self-destruction? Sink into mediocrity? Honestly, I couldn’t blame you for doing either. How many of us have been through such an experience? It’s difficult to decide how to behave and each of our circumstances at home are different.

However, there are some of you who are either knowingly or unknowingly looking at some options. You can decide how you will behave during this experience.

The conversation Alexa brings to the table is one to consider. This is a woman whose fire inspires and challenges you to consider new ways of thinking and therefore new ways of living. So, if you are looking for that spark of innovation, look no further and enjoy.

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